2016. This past year was one hell of a rollercoaster ride for me. I did so many marvelous things, met so many beautiful people, saw so many breathtaking views, visited so many new places. This year was filled with laughs, screams, tears, nail-biters (a lot of them), friends, open windows, bagels, loud music, written-up books, filled up journals, late nights, even earlier mornings, but most importantly- smiles. This year I learned that being happy is truly the most valuable possession you can muster. Being genuinely content is so important, and I also learned that it doesn’t come from having a certain amount of money, or a specific item. The moments I felt most alive were the ones I spent with the people I love, whether that be at a concert with my girls, in a mom’s car, or alone in my bed reading a book. I cannot stress enough how much better life is once you make the realization that you will not find true happiness in something you can hold in your hand.

This year was also filled with an abundance of sadness. With all the shootings, murders, injustices, unfairness, and things that happen in our own personal lives- we must continue to believe in change. Donald Trump is being elected as president of the most ‘glorious’ country in the world in 19 days, and it seems like the world might just be coming to an end. But everything is temporary, and your voice is the most powerful thing you have. You may feel so tiny in the midst of such a big world, but all fires start from one spark. The light will still burn at the end of the day, and magic will still exist in this wild world.

At the end of the day, what matters is how you use your little bit of magic. Hopefully for good, for yourself and others. This new year will bring you love and light if you let it. Thank you for the memories 2016. Hello 2017, it’s nice to meet you.

(reposted from original blog)

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