I took some time out of my winter break to go to the mall with my dearest friend Brenna, and ended up taking some pictures. So here they are, a photo diary of a day spent at a suburban mall.

We made the obvious stop at Urban Outfitters, admiring the long thought out displays, admiring the fabrics we couldn’t afford, and were thankful wouldn’t matter next season anyway. How dope is this Stranger Things vinyl though?!

This mug is the epitome of me in… well now, too, but in my smaller days. And then the septum piercing that we bought in a pack of ten, knowing that my European mother would kill me if I dared to actually get it pierced. A girl can dream.

A place that is one of my favorite spots is a small hole in the wall shop that I stumbled upon about a year and a half ago with another one of my best friends Mattie. It is a store, called East Meets West, that sells all things “spiritual”, from crystals, to incense, to charms. Mattie and I bought “magic rocks” from there June of 2015, and they brought us the greatest luck in the world, and also happened to go viral that summer. I would highly recommend finding a place like this near you, and developing an interest in any sort of spirituality. Even walking into a place like that, the energy just hits you.

With love, Jenna

(reposted from original blog)

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