Concert Essentials

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Governor’s Ball on Randall’s Island in New York City. It was my first music festival, and even though I am a newbie to festivals, I am most definitely not one to concerts. I’ve compiled a list of necessities (and photos I love) that you’ll need on a day, in my opinion, well spent: listening to live music.


Festival, concert, live show, etc ESSENTIALS

Camera- a given, but try to experiment with something other than your iPhone camera. Whether that’s a Polaroid, a disposable, a DSLR, a film or an old digital, you’ll get completely different photos with each one.

Towel- this goes more for outdoor shows, but bringing something to sit on is a really nice luxury. You’ll be lucky if the ground you sit on to wait for Lorde isn’t full of stepped on chicken fingers and fries, but not like I know anything about that, so bring a towel just in case.


Water bottles- a lot more festivals allow this than concerts, but some allow you to bring in empty refillable bottles, or a maximum of two factory sealed bottles to drink. These come in really handy, especially when there are water stations around the event.

Sunscreen- protect your skin, no matter what!


Backpack- this is a sticky one, because a lot of people prefer small bags, but I’m the kind of person who hauls along their entire kitchen sink with them to school, work, and even to concerts (the Da Vinci Code just in case I get bored). Backpacks, I find, are also a lot harder to steal from if you have them zipped to the side, or even if you put a small lock on the zipper, and keep it around your neck so it doubles as an accessory. If you can, bring a fanny pack, because that does seem like the best option.

Long sleeve- outdoor events can get chilly in the evenings, and if you want, you can use a blanket as a sitting “towel” and something to keep you warm, but I’d recommend just bringing a hoodie for the trip home.


Cash- I cannot stress enough how easily you will blow all of your money if you use your card instead of cash. Having cash lets you see and feel the money in your hands, and establish a budget, knowing your limits, while a checking account doesn’t.

Hand sanitizer – the line to the bathroom will probably circle around a few times, and the bathroom will probably be a port-a-potty. Please keep your hands clean before you do anything.


Sunglasses/hat/visor/chapstick- something else I was really thankful for while sitting on the concrete waiting for the next act were my hat and sunglasses. You will get sun poisoning, pass out, get dehydrated or all of the above if you do not take the proper precautions to keeping yourself cool in the heat, so just do it.

Sneakers- to save yourself the pain and the sinking heels in mud, wear an old pair of junky sneakers. Nobody’s going to be looking at your shoes, and if they do, it’s because they’ll be jealous that you’re comfortable and they’re in ankle booties.


Send me your pictures from your favorite concerts or live shows on twitter @ysbhjenna or tag me on insta @jennatouhy! I’d love to see them all 🙂

With love & light,


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