Getting Inspired on Instagram

We’re all a little too familiar with the feeling of helplessness while spending too much time scrolling through our Instagram feed. Pretty girls and perfect bodies that make you feel inferior, people adventuring out into the world making you feel trapped in your boring school or work day, all just a bunch of accounts that swallow up so much of your time yet leave you feeling so empty and frustrated. But what if it was the opposite? By being more mindful about who you follow and what you allow to influence your mood, Instagram can quickly become a place of inspiration instead of envy. Here’s a list of a few accounts I love that get me jumping up to create art, outfits, or music.

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This Australian trio of Byron boys are the members of a sunny psychedelic band called The Babe Rainbow. Fully decked out in vintage clothing, long sun bleached hair, VW vans and surfboards, their instagram gives you a warm, lazy late 60s to 70s vibe. Their music videos look like they could’ve been filmed fifty years ago but are still just as cool, watch my two favorite videos here and here to see them driving around a bus full of dancing strangers and jamming alongside a river. Listening to them will make you wanna pick up some up some funky threads, instruments, friends, and play The Babe Rainbow while driving down to the sea.

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Freya Haley is an eighteen year old animal rights and feminism activist also from Australia, not to mention has a killer taste in style and music. Her youtube channel (watch her videos here) is filled with groovy 70s styled lookbooks, vegan food, her travels through Europe, and honest conversations about topics like sexual assault and self love. I love her instagram just for a little daily positivity and awareness or definitely outfit inspiration. Freya reminds me of your dream girl in a 70s movie, the Velvet Underground, and the color orange.

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Lauren and I found ourselves at an art collective party in Los Angeles on some Friday night last April complete with pink shimmery streamers, boys in bands with chipped nail polish and kids standing outside in vintage clothing smoking cigarettes. Of course there were tons of film pictures, drawings, or poetry posted all over the walls yet one artists pictures astounded me, I seriously could not stop staring at the pictures trying to absorb everything that was just stuck to these walls with scotch tape or tacks yet showed so much. This is how I stumbled across Evan Tan’s photography who shoots anyone from kids I know from the local art scene to famous musicians like Tyler the Creator or Willow Smith and has a following now of 22.9k. His photos look nothing like any I’ve seen across Instagram, the saturation is so vivid and he manages to capture the Hollywood adolescents lifestyle all in one picture. Scrolling through his feed will seriously make you want to go dye your hair some crazy color or go climb on rooftops in the city.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 11.15.56 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 5.13.42 PM

This artist makes analog collages like nothing you’ve ever seen before, all of his art looks like something out of a cosmic parallel universe. Most of them are juxtapositions or objects that seem extremely out of place next to each other but he somehow makes them so fascinating and pleasing to look at. I love the saturation, grain and vivid imagery. Go scroll through his feed to get inspired, turn on some music, grab some mags or film and scissors and make your own!

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 5.30.49 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 1.17.05 PM

Hitomi is an angel from New York who posts Youtube videos and Instagram posts about mindfulness, spirituality, yoga, manifestation, and her insane vintage style. I swear she is a real-life fairy. Watching just a few of her videos (watch here) can put you in the most positive mood and really get you inner-reflecting. She moved out of her abusive childhood home and moved to New York to work, study, and find what she loves. You can find her in the forest, in her apartment cooking vegan food, or somewhere in Brooklyn thrifting. One of the most beautiful human beings truly externally and internally.

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with much love,

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@kkiiramarie @disposable.diary

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