Restless Hands & Minds

It feels like lately I haven’t been able to stick my hands and thoughts into enough things. I’m currently writing this while sitting in a library with music in my ears, a video waiting to be edited on my computer screen  (not to forget the endless amount of tabs open to guitar chords), with a stack of books next to me about musicians and fashion in other eras, and my phone blowing up with girls planning out the details to an art collective party we’re hosting. There’s a roll of film sitting in my bag waiting to be developed filled with forgotten photos at art museums, parties, music festivals, and the beach. I’m trying to catch up with Tame Impala’s newest releases along with the other bunches of Soundcloud links my friends are constantly sending me while scrawling into my journal the ideas that are popping into my head at the fastest rate imaginable. Lyrics for songs that I never post, new blog entries, clothes I should sell, a reminder to deposit money into my savings or to contact that local band for the art show. Trying to find a ride to a concert this weekend on one hand, already looking up tickets to the next local shows downtown on the other, all while trying to figure out how to make up enough money to afford them. What jacket should I sell this week to go to be able that Growlers concert?? Any jacket, no clothing is worth more than feeling alive for one night. While attempting to take tests in psychology class, my head is swarming and drowning in melodies and songs playing over and over again.

It seems as though my mind is going at a faster rate that my hands can keep up with. More specifically my mind is everywhere but school. Somehow instead of feeling overwhelmed with so many projects and ideas sprouting from my fingertips, I’ve never felt more inspired. I don’t feel like I’m spreading myself too thin, I only feel like I’m digging up even more parts of me. Sometimes it feels good to be messy.

Go out today & dig up new parts of yourself, you’ll never know what you’ll find them in. What do you like to get yourself lost in?






(…side note: if you haven’t already, go listen to Tame Impala’s new song “List Of People”)

with much love,

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 6.45.20 PM

@kkiiramarie @disposable.diary

2 thoughts on “Restless Hands & Minds”

  1. This is absolutely amazing and I don’t think I’ve ever related to anything more. So many things to do and I always skip around and never quite finish anything. It’s like you read my soul!! Always a concert to go to, trying to figure out a way to get there or a place to sleep afterwards in the hopes that the night would never end <33

    – kyla

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