Photo Diary: The Growlers Six Festival

To us, this was a weekend of independence, a weekend of love, music, and pure freedom. Freedom from everyday distractions or responsibilities. Our biggest worries were catching our favorite bands just in time or not getting too caught up in the crowd and swallowed by a mosh pit during “Dope on a Rope” by the Growlers. Some of the moments that are burned most brightly into my mind is when we sat on the concrete in front of the Growlers’ stage two hours early just to hope to be close enough to feel their energy. Letting the boys stretch their legs out over us if we got to rest our tired heads on them as we waited impatiently for the band to set up already, with our bodies so sore from dancing for hours. The sunset vibrating into the sky with the brightest orange hues as Cigarettes After Sex played our favorite songs, the ones that have been the soundtrack many times to our drives late at night around the suburbs or crying over the little heartbreaks that seem like the whole world at that moment. Running from one stage to the next one, holding hands, dancing, laughing uncontrollably about how unreal everything felt, feeling more alive than we ever have and I couldn’t help but just smile. The festival ended on a Sunday night but we stayed another night in LA, ditching school the next day and spending the morning trying to find parking on crowded streets to grab coffee and breakfast. Business men and woman in Starbucks gave us strange looks in their heels and ties and suits while we looked messy and dirty but we felt like we just came back from a whole other universe. Taking our time to avoid going back to the suburbs or school or reality. Our shoes were ripped, our skin was dirty, our hair was filled with glitter and we had no money left in our wallets. My words aren’t able to capture how blissful this one weekend was but hopefully these pictures can show a little bit more.



Cigarettes After Sex playing as the sun set behind them






ladies first!

“guess it doesn’t last forever

just a feeling to remember”


with love,

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 6.45.20 PM

@kkiiramarie @disposable.diary

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