I was trying to photograph what seemed to be this little girl’s first time in the city, but I got her mom wiping her boogers instead :’) my fragile heart

As I rung in the new year, moments from the last month of the year stuck in my mind, like gum on the bottom of your shoe.


Playing guitar– After years of not having a guitar, I finally found a beautiful vintage Kent on Craigslist. And it proceeded to start breaking  before I even strung it. So, I bought myself a beautiful acoustic black Fender as a holiday present, and I have been slowly but surely learning how to play from YouTube tutorials. Lovebug by the jobros is much harder to play than people let on.

Reflections on Love– A few months of work, and a lot of tears, smiles and emails later, an idea that I scrawled out in my journal finally came to life this month. Reflections on Love was a project that simply asked, “What is love?”, and left the rest completely to the person responding. It was magical :’) View a digitized version here

Bowling– I am a much better bowler than anyone anticipated, mostly myself. It is so fun.


Timothée Chalamet– Since watching Call Me By Your Name (you do not want me to get into this movie, but unfortunately, I will later), all I have been doing is binging Timothée Chalamet interviews. Not only is he a phenomenal actor, but extremely educated as well. Here is one of my favorite interviews of his, where he talks to Daniel Kaluuya, the amazing lead actor in Get Out.

Pure Nowhere– An online music magazine run out of the beautiful city of San Diego. Pure Nowhere has introduced me to so many new bands, and it is so admirable how much the people who run this publication support their local scene. Go check them out!

Films in 2017– Overall, 2017 was, in my humble opinion, one of the best years for film in a long time. With the abundance of amazing independent films made, such as Call Me By Your NameLady BirdThe Florida Project, MoonlightJane and so many others, smaller filmmakers are getting the recognition they deserve. Movies in wider release such as I, Tonya, The Shape of Water, Phantom Thread, Get Out and more were incredible too. All of them told stories untold through a lens, and did unbelievable good. 2018 has a lot of living up to do.


James Joyce– Dubliners was assigned reading for my English class all throughout December, and one piece that really struck me was The Dead. The first 37 pages or so made you want to just give up (I am refraining from being punny and saying “made you want to die“- I will not leave my ugly sense of humor in 2017), but trust me- it is worth it for the last few pages. I will not spoil anything, you must read it on your own. Joyce is an impeccable writer.

Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman– Honestly, I have not finished this book yet because I have been so caught up in life. So, I’ll talk about the film. I usually like to read books prior to seeing the film, but this was an exception. There is no way for me to explain how this movie made me feel. Everything, from Chalamet & Hammer’s performance, to the soundtrack, to the colors the camera captured, to Guadagnino’s seamless direction- everything evoked emotion out of you that made you feel like it was your first time falling in love, and unapologetically at that. Durga Chew Bose did a write up on the movie, and I suggest you read that, because I am too smitten to even articulate my thoughts properly. Please read the book & watch the film.

Print– I feel like this somehow makes it into my round up every month, but I fall more in love with print media every time I pick up a new magazine, or get the newspaper from the mailbox. If you make one resolution this year, make it to disconnect from your phone, and get subscriptions to print publications. Something about being able to hold it, write in it, feel it.


Golf le Fleur– I spontaneously bought myself a green pair of Golf le Fleur x Converse sneakers a few months back, and they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes I have ever owned. The mismatched laces that I wear, as well as the flowery soles- they feel like me in shoe form.


Corn flakes in almond milk with agave– Trust me.

At diners– I try to eat out as least as possible as I am on a budget, but I somehow always find myself squished into booths way too late at night, eating dumplings or some variation of fries, specifically sweet potato fries with maple syrup (you’ll just have to trust me on this one as well), or too early in the morning, laughing too loud, sleep deprived.


This month was Rex Orange County, 2000’s hits, The Strokes, Billie Eilish, Foster the People & the CMBYN soundtrack.


Being the “last” reflection of 2017 on this blog, I think that this year was difficult. In all terms of the word, 2017 was one for the books. So much progress was made, but there is still so much pushing forward to do. As the new year goes on, and it will be over in the blink of an eye, let’s all do better. Xo


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