When my pen and notebook are too far, or I can’t reach them from my bed. More notes off my phone with times attached.

22:32 It came to me like a bolt of lightning

18:22 I’ve been in that car going down that road for the past 5 years and that was the last time it will probably ever go down that road, the last time it’ll be surrounded by the place that feels like home

17:07 Lost my debit card in Paris

10:57 Someone sitting alone by the frozen lake

A black silhouette

Geese at the other end scared to get too close

Head down

Love my way

In my headphones

Texas won’t look


Feel like this

18:01 Legs on a set stage kicking around different colors

14:47 Houdini

22:46 Why do I find myself in the unloved position

Time and time again

14:23 Love is the girls on the bus, laughing about their parents not knowing about their relationships

22:37 I’m so excited for this piece I would say I’m excited for this to end but I was told and taught and encouraged to savor this time for so so so long and I don’t want to ignore it. Fuck

23:40 Last so g I remember listening to is a world alone. Then everything went black and I woke up listening to tangerine

23:14 Nights

02:51 Ahhhh it’s 3 in the morning and I don’t know how I got here considering I didn’t know you 3 months ago. I’m listening to a world alone and all I can think about is holding your hand in my car and you looking out the window and just that piece of time and how nice it was and how fucking annoying it is that I just cannot get over you and that you don’t care as much as I do and you probably don’t remember or care about half the things I care about and hold on to. Why can’t I let this go why can’t I ever let anything go!!!! Why is this so difficult why do I care so much

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