beautiful people in my life

she sleeps on the floor every night of a one bedroom apartment with two other people just to escape the abusive relationship with her mother. she makes sure everyone orders before her at a restaurant. she can make you laugh so hard that you cry but she can also make you spill so much of yourself out that you find yourself crying to her at 4 am. whenever I’m with her I feel like anything is possible and I can really be whoever I want to be. our friendship started with a bottle of jack daniels and her les paul guitar on the floor of her uncle’s empty house.

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she wants to grow up and be a starving actress with no money but perform on big stages in the city.  her go-to song is called “we’ve got a groovy thing goin'” and she can probably name every song on every beatles album front to back without looking. the clips in her hair change to match her mood. we became friends in a 7th grade science classroom that had a mural of dolphins swimming through outer space on the wall where the teacher would play old music for us. her house has framed pictures of jerry garcia from the grateful dead on the walls and last week she was helping lead a protest at our high school for gun control.

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sometimes his hair is down to his shoulders or sometimes it’s shaved off. if you’re lucky enough you’ll get to hear him sing and play guitar. he always takes over the music at parties to play the growlers and the funniest memory I have is him spending an hour in the bathroom at their festival after having a bad trip. he disappeared for a little when he got sent away to another state to get better but all his friends have to say about him are nothing but the best things. in a room full of people you can feel alone but he’ll give you one of those looks from across the room and you feel like you’re in on his little secret.

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he is the first person you go to with crazy ideas and he’ll completely understand without you having to explain much at all. he’s always on the same wavelength as you and most of my memories with him are having wild epiphanies and discussions about the meaning of life or having dance parties in someone’s kitchen in the dead of night. he has wild curly black hair and his house is on a huge property that other families stay on because his mom hosts mediations on Sundays that they come to. instead of going to college he’s disappearing off to India for six months in the fall.

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with much love as always,

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