Seventeen… so far

Today marks 6 months into my seventeendom…

I felt like it was necessary to post this just so I can have something to look back on, because I’ve been waiting to be exactly in the place I am currently in for so long.

17 has been my lucky number for a little over 5 years now, along with 7, and since I was 12, I had been waiting to “turn” 17, as the age seemed to bear some sort of magic with it. Whether it was the magic that came with acquiring a New Jersey probationary license, or of being a year away from “total freedom”, I’m not quite sure. What I do know for sure, is that there is magic, somehow.

Two months before I turned 17, I found out I was moving across the country. The day I turned 17 I went to see my favorite movie with someone who was very special to me at the time. Two days after I turned 17, I got my license, but my mom didn’t let me drive until I got through bootcamp, which ended about 2 and a half weeks after I blew the candles out. Also two days after I turned 17, my mom told me not to count, and I wrote something that would end up being one of my favorite pieces I have ever written. A week after I turned 17 was the best day ever.

Twenty three days after I turned 17 I tried to encapsulate the magical month of January in a single journal entry. Two months after I turned 17 I thought I was having my heart broken for the first time. I quit my first job, and my expensive habit of driving around with my favorite people from the time the school bell rang to whenever my phone rang with a call from my mom began to chip at my savings. Three months after I was waving goodbye to my mama, Babcia, sister and brother as they pulled out of the driveway of my red house and started their 1300 mile drive. I was studying for my exams, the ones that were going to determine my entire future. Four months after, I was hugging and kissing the people I loved most goodbye, and a month after that, I was saying hello to them again.

Today I woke up a little later than usual, and finished watching a movie that takes place over a 12-year time frame. My favorite teacher from New Jersey brought it up alongside my aforementioned favorite movie, so it had to be good. I wrote a little, finished Anthony Bourdain’s book, wrote some more, showered to wash the Texas heat off, stressed a little about school starting so soon, and got in the car. I got my nearly daily bubble tea, and went to the park I find myself spending a lot of my time at nowadays. I listened to the playlist I made for this month, like I have for the past few years. I started a new book, was in awe of the blood moon, drove around some more, then sat at a skate park where only one boy was skating to read some more. I talked on the phone with some friends from home. I took the long way home, as I always do.

Now I’m here, in bed, wet curly hair, in a Houston rockets shirt, 9 minutes away from not being exactly 17 and a 1/2 anymore (am I still 17 and a 1/2, if I was born in a different time zone?). I leave you, future Jenna, with this, which I read today:

“Everything else is just noise. Isn’t it?”

I wonder what’s noise to you. I hope it’s the most magical noise ever.

With love, J<3

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