Days of summer

Tonight is my last night of summer and I promised myself I would put time and effort into this piece but it’s almost 11 and I have school at a brand new school in the morning and have to be up in a few hours.

This summer was the best summer ever.

A day short of 3 months ago, I took my most important exam and hopped on a flight and flew 1300+ miles away from the place I grew up. The second I left school that day, without even knowing, I was on summer break.

This summer consisted of a lot of things. Time spent alone, in new parks, in old cars, getting in touch with old friends, getting to know new ones. Jumping off cliffs, writing letters, boarding planes, getting off of planes.

Nearly 5 weeks of the 3 month long summer I had were spent with at least one person I had grown up with. Whether I was visiting New Jersey, or my old best friend was visiting me in Texas, those were the times I felt most at home.

It’s a weird feeling to be all alone in a place you’ve never been when it’s at its peak of being filled with people being home, if that makes any sense. People were home from school for the summer, or taking off days from work. People were home here, a place I thought could not get any farther from home.

Thinking back on who I was at the beginning of this summer, to who I am now- it feels like a different person in a different life. I am still a girl from New Jersey, as I will be described on my first day of senior year in just a few hours, but I am now a girl from New Jersey who feels much more comfortable being thrown into situations she would have never expected herself to be able to handle.

We all know and understand the course of the seasons, and we all want something new, more, fresh from each oncoming one. I will miss the things the past seasons have brought, but I look forward to the newness of everything that is coming.

There is a quote I read in a book of Oscar Wilde’s in my junior year English class, that has stuck with me since before I had any idea any of this would happen. Lord Henry says, “Days of summer, Basil, are apt to linger.” I could not have asked for a better summer to linger on my skin and in my mind.

With love J

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