apartment 101

i think it’s thursday, i dont know everything goes so fast and the day of the week never matters here anyways. sitting on the blanket covered couches drinking wine waiting for a friend to get back from a date and the boys to get back from surfing. took a nap after business class, fell asleep in levis with a half eaten apple core next to me. too much coffee gives me the jitters, brain cloudy with too many packets of sweet n low

we carpool to 35mm photo class and our teacher lets his dog run around the dark room and we play cigarettes after sex on the aux chord. spent $130 on film and $80 on a camera, shit. looks like i can’t get groceries for a while. try to take a train to san francisco, can only afford a one way ticket but is that really a bad thing? wake my roommate to tell her that we got tickets to see the growlers at the tiny venue down the street next month.

every night we crawl into bed drunk with dirty feet. been drinking too much beer and it makes me feel like shit when i wake up at 7 am for calculus class. if there’s nothing else to do i guess we’ll go hang out at the skate park. our counters are always smudged with coffee stains and incense ash no matter how often we wipe them down and we leave our door open incase any stranger wants to stop by and say hi. most of the time just the neighbor’s pit bull comes in the doorway and runs off. walk out to do homework in the sun on the doorstep to look up and see your neighbors getting handcuffed. have fun in jail, at least we can finally get some peace of mind around here.

time at the boys house is spent listening to them record songs or watching scary movies that leave us paranoid as we walk home at 1 am and sleep with the bedroom door shut and front door locked – double checked. polaroid pictures pinned to the kitchen walls with mismatched thumbtacks. big heavy books on surf and an encyclopedia of rock music and one on dream analysis weigh down the coffee table with ashtrays filled of sand dollars and leftover quarters from laundry. mornings are cloudy and quiet and nights get loud and cold.

shit are those your bananas on the counter that are too ripe or are they mine?

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 2.14.14 PM.png

with much love (and caffeine),

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@kkiiramarie @disposable.diary

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